This one’s been going around just about forever, and I think everyone I know has done it now, except me – but now Greengurl has Got Me (can’t think why I didn’t notice until today though).

Eek! 🙂

Right. Nearest book. Page 123. Fifth sentence. Copy 3 sentences.


Heller, Humez and Dror state that “The Greek word husteros, meant ‘latter, lower’. In its feminine form hustera, it came to be applied specifically to’the lower part of a woman’s anatomy, the womb’.” The OED, however, gives no connection between husteros and hustera.”

[Womanwords, Jane Mills]

Fascinating stuff.

No tagging for me though.

(I’m kind of bored of seeing this one all over the blogosphere, so even if I was the sort to tag people, which I’m usually not, I would (1) find it hard to think of anyone who hasn’t already done this and (2) actually prefer to see this one die a death now that we’ve all had a go…)

Oh wait – I don’t think I’ve seen it on Erika’s blog. (Runs and checks.) Nope.

I tag Erika!