After yesterday’s effort, I got to thinking about a different list: of things that I am not (or not very) but that I love and admire in other people. This isn’t about bashing myself by listing everything that I am not, but about thinking of the wonderful things that other people are.

Here goes.

  1. I love people who have the ability to swear creatively. Not just a string of well-worn favourite expletives, but a blossoming spray of imaginative combinations, surprising juxtapositions, and hilariously innovative declensions.
  2. Friendly, bubbly, chatty people – people-people – the kind of people who make friends easily and have no trouble sidling up to complete strangers and extracting personal information, confidential opinions, and juicy gossip.
  3. The strength and depth of compassion and understanding that people develop* when they have survived and prospered after going through serious shit**. In comparison, I am a shallow, spoiled drifter…
  4. Organisational skills. Every so often I have a burst of activity in which I am determined to get everything once-and-for-all super-organised. My reasoning is that once it all gets organised it will be a piece of cake to keep it organised. Ha. I admire organised people beyond measure, and I have literally no idea how they do it.
  5. Lack of fear. Bustling through life not giving a toss what the future might bring, or what the neighbours might think about it. Being free to be who you are, no matter what.
  6. People who can do reverse parking with ease.

[* Is that too damned patronising? I just mean some people I know. I assume, now that I’ve actually engaged my brain there are people who go through serious shit and don’t, y’know, get all compassionate n stuff. Yikes. Way to demonstrate shallow spoiledness?]

[**I’m not talking about hand-washing cloth nappies here. But if you’ve done that, then kudos to you too.]