(Sparkle started it.)

I’ve spent the last seventeen hours (or so) scouring the internet for books about breastfeeding and general lovely parentingness, against a shopping list for our local breastfeeding support groups, trying to save 10p here or there and working out all the postage and generally wearing myself out and creating a great big lovely list at Amazon…

(E – have sent you an e-mail about this.)

So I feel like I deserve some blogular light refreshment. Without further do, here are at least 5 things I love about me:

  1. The fact that I am generous enough to have given the last seventeen hours (or so) of my time over to scouring the internet for books for our local breastfeeding support groups.
  2. My big, soft, droopy, stretchy boobs and their lovely milk.
  3. I made a baby! She loves me and needs me and adores me! Me!
  4. I like the stretch marks on my tummy, where Ariel used to bop about inside of me. Her bum used to stick out just above my belly buttom, to the left (as I look down at it lol) and the marks are most visible there.
  5. I am good at making stuff: good in a brave, have-a-go kind of a way, I mean.
  6. I love the fact that I have a really sharp brain. I have the analytical knack of finding my way to the heart of a knotty problem very quickly.
  7. I don’t take crap from anybody anymore.
  8. I am strong, physically – I often surprise people by be able to lift and carry things around.
  9. I am healthy. And I look healthy.
  10. I am self-reliant, and creative, and independent, and all round fabulous.

See. That’s ten things!