Second birthday - FrogSo. The day has come. Ariel is two!

Yesterday, we went to feed the birds at Slimbridge WWT. We went there last year too, so perhaps there is a family tradition coming on…

[Pictured above: the little frog we acquired yesterday. Below: the little duck we acquired this time last year. Sweet!]

Today, there was a little party at nursery and some presents afterwards. Highlights include a new T-shirt (thanks T!), a toy camera (thanks C!) and a pink cake (thanks nursery!). We do have a few more presents to come, including an Ikea train set. Yay!

First birthday - duckOn a more reflective note, it has been a really special day for me too. Every now and again I would look at my watch and remember what I was doing this time two years ago. Right now, at about 8.30pm I was just settling down for the night on the small ward here in Gloucester, in the midwife-led birth centre. I’d got a couple of breastfeeds under my belt. I hadn’t yet changed any nappies. I was wondering why I couldn’t seem to put my new baby down on her own, why she kept crying every time I tried it, what on earth I was supposed to be doing, why it wasn’t like I sort of thought it would be. Soon, I would be standing up to go for a wee and blood would be gushing womanfully down my legs and onto the floor. I would panic slightly at the sight of so much blood – but everything is going to be OK. Our first night together.