Breasts, glorious breasts!!

This post is, as you can see, about breasts. Those pictured are not mine by the way although, I confess it, they are a bit like mine! Especially the pair at the bottom – the pair at the top I chose mainly because they are so beautiful 🙂

This post is, on the whole, about my breasts.

In years gone by, I have felt somewhat, and occasionally very, self-conscious about my boobs. Too big, too dangly, too, too, too. From time to time, I even toyed with the idea of breast reduction – not because there was any real danger of my actually going under the knife, you understand. Just because I knew my breasts weren’t the kind of breasts that anyone would ever consider beautiful. “Pendulous” is the word.

And even in the recent past I have seen posts on feminist blogs about bra-wearing (or, actually, NOT) and thought: “Well that’s all very well if you don’t need one, but how could I? My breasts are too big to go bra-less!”

And then I did find that actually it was quite comfortable to go about with no bra on. Even with my girt big knockers… (!) It was a little weird at first, but I soon got used to it.

But of course, that was just at home or on holiday. There’s no way that a person could wander round an office with their big wobbly boobs flopping about all over the place. No way.

And then, after my Christmas break, I thought – well, why not? So I went in one day with no bra on. And the next day. And (so far) I haven’t worn one since. I don’t rule out wearing one ever again, especially if I’m going to be doing something active like getting back on my bike one morning, but I love, love, love not wearing a bra.

They hang naturally quite low – lower than is socially acceptable, if we are being frank – but these are my breasts and this is my body and this is how nature intended us to be.

A few obvious practical benefits of bralessness spring to mind. Easier access for breastfeeding. (Marginally) less washing. Quicker to get dressed / undressed. No bra straps digging into my shoulders. Not having to buy new ones (and/or feel guilty about not buying new ones) when the old ones get all grey.

But those are trivial compared with how it makes me feel about my breasts.

With no fabric containment device strapping them down and holding them in, I can feel how soft and squishy they are. They wobble a bit like jelly if you wibble them in the right way – which Ariel thinks is hilarious. When nursing, I can look at them properly. I can feel how sensitive they are to the touch. Yet, at the same time, really stretchy and pokeable, but without pain. You can gently stroke them for pleasure but it takes a heck of a lot of squeezing to get pain. (I should know, Ariel mucks about with them enough!)

My breasts are amazing!

The breasts pictured above are amazing too.
And here’s a thing. They are the “before” shots.