Seems like every time I get myself in gear and look around a few feminist blogs (other than the select few I read all the time, I mean) there is a new war going on.

Usually it is about one of two possible divisive topics:

  1. Can a woman [wear lipstick / give blowjobs / dress feminine / be a stay-at-home mother / perform other patriarchally approved “feminine” action] and still be a feminist?
  2. Is it OK for a person who claims to be a feminist to say things that might alienate non-feminists (men or women) and thereby potentially damage The Movement?

The latest war appears to be about whether or not it is OK to call your blog “Dead Men Don’t Rape” if you think you are a feminist. Also about whether a person doing this is as an individual deserving of various personal critical attacks. (For the record I like the blog, and don’t give a damn what it’s called, as long as it doesn’t claim to speak for me. Which it doesn’t.)

Holy Haddock. It makes me glad that nobody reads my blog. Who knows how soon it would be otherwise before somebody tells me that I am not a feminist because I [er, not sure what they will pick on – maybe my love of cooking or my promotion of all things maternal?]…