Every time I go away for more than a couple of days, I have to clean the toilets before I leave. I just have to. Am I afraid that if I do not then in the time I am away the Big Scary Toilet Germs will invite all their friends round and have a big pukey party and I will come back to something unbelievably horrid?

Well this time, I forgot. The upstairs toilet got missed out. Perhaps it was accidental-on-purpose subconscious rebellion against this little holiday toilet compulsion that I have.

However, the Big Scary Toilet Germs have indeed shown that they are the Untrustworthy Teenagers From Hell in that they did indeed have a party and all the Gatecrashing Thug Germs from the whole district turned up to make it go with a swing.


Apart from that, I have only good things to report. The weather was lovely, we had Cava on the beach on Christmas day, the weather was largely warm and sunny so we went to the seaside several times (which pleased Ariel enormously) and generally things went with a swing. I even had a nice supper with an old friend on the way home (he’d picked me up from the airport), which was a great unexpected pleasure, especially as we’ve not had a proper catch-up for ages. Yay!

Hope you all had a good season of festive cheer. Speaking for myself, I’ve come back with quite a lot to say on assorted topics… so watch this space!