Read Stormy here and, for good measure, here.

I would like to comment that although initial reporting of these murders was lurid and titilating and although many sources (the ones you would expect!) are continuing along that vein, I do feel that this has, at least, reduced.

I have seen articles and heard radio news reports that do not use any of the usual epithets – prostitute, streetwalker, sex worker, hooker, vice girl, girl, drug addict – to distract us from the fact that these women were people. I have seen and heard condemnation of the lurid reporting, not just in the feminist blogosphere but also in the mainstream media and in wholly unexpected places such as in the office.

I’m not exactly handing out cookies, but I’m glad to say that some people at least are engaging compassionately with what has happened and trying (which is a start) to set aside ingrained prejudices about who and what these women were – trying to remember that they were human, that they were people, that they were real, that they were in no way to blame for what was done to them.

I hope that justice will take its course, and swiftly.

I hope that if this man did do it, he will be swiftly and unceremoniously tried and convicted; and that if he didn’t he will be released and protected and the real killer caught.

And I hope that the upshot of this case will be both justice for the women whose everything has been stolen and, perhaps, a new discussion about their humanity – ultimately, about our humanity.

Sometimes, there just isn’t much we can do, except to find something to hope for.