Since Ariel and I will be away for Christmas, we have had an early at-home “practice” Christmas today, to save me having to cart ALL her presents with us when we go away.

So we’ve just spent the whole day doing fun stuff together. Lovely. We’ve spent a lot of time playing with her new jigsaw puzzle (thanks Mummy!), and her new playdough stuff (thanks Osiris!), and her new Wheels On The Bus singing book (thanks Great-Nana!). Then we made stupid amounts of noise with her new cymbals (!!) and generally got out all our other noise-toys like our drum and our tambourine and our jingle-bells. We read at least seven or eight stories and sang a million songs. We lit the Christmas candle thingy, built a tower out of megablocks, and sang another song.

Also, we had a healthy lunch, which enabled us to spend the afternoon and evening eating nothing but chocolate and crisps and raisins. Oh, and special purple drinks… Hers was blackcurrant squash and she wasn’t allowed mine!

It’s all getting a bit festive around here. Christmas party last night, Christmas “practice” today, and yet another Christmas lunch at work tomorrow.