I don’t believe that women should have to stay off the streets just because the police are unable or unwilling to protect the community adequately. The police should do their job, and catch the Ipswich woman-killer, and they should grant women an amnesty until they have done it.

However, that hasn’t happened (yet). And, despite huge publicity and effort going into the police investigation, the man is killing still. Reports today confirmed that Paula Clennell died early Sunday morning, after the current hue and cry was well underway. He doesn’t care.

And, whaddayaknow… “Some prostitutes have ignored police warnings and carried on working, many to feed drug habits, despite the discovery of five bodies in less than two weeks.”

(This, preparatory no doubt, to blaming the next victim – the Goddess forbid, but it seems inevitable with things happening so thick and fast – for knowingly putting herself in a dangerous situation despite specific police warnings to the contrary, merely to feed her evil drug habit, for which she is of course also to blame.)

So who is paying women the money they need to keep going so that they can stay off the streets while it is so dangerous?

Somebody is, it seems. The Guardian say so, and I’ve seen it mentioned here and there today in other places (e.g. in the Yahoo article linked to above).

I’ve been trying desperately to find out more about this, but there appears to be pretty much radio silence. The English Collective of Prostitutes have got nothing on their website. Nor have the International Collective of Prostitutes. Nothing on the Suffolk Police website. Have looked all over the place but without finding ANY information about who is organising this, what they are doing, and how we can help.

If there is an earthquake or a flood or something, people fall over themselves to collect huge sums of money to support the victims and survivors. You can’t escape from demands for donations, contributions, assistance of all kinds – everybody gets in on the act. But here, where relatively modest amounts would be needed to help a fairly small group of endangered women keep out of a murder zone, there is nobody collecting anything from anyone!

If anyone has ANY information on this, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.