Killer hates women. All of women.

Picks prostitutes because they make easier prey. People care less. They don’t try as hard to catch you if you are only doing tarts. Sometimes, don’t even try at all. Get lucky, sometimes, nobody even notices they’re gone.

Yorkshire Ripper, he did 13. Jack the Ripper only managed 5. Officially. But how many went unremarked?

Killer hates women. All of women.

Picks prositutes but wouldn’t flinch an inch from someone else, so better make sure they all stay indoors. Only go out in packs, or take a trustworthy man for protection. Cover up. Stay indoors. Especially over the party season. Very dangerous time. Ripper’s about. You never know.

They don’t say – men stay indoors, in case you get taken for a killer.

They don’t say – men stay indoors if you don’t want trouble, so that we can tell any man out on his own is a man up to no good.

They don’t hold roadblocks, checkpoints, security clearance to make sure the men using the women are really only after that One Thing and not this Other Nastier Darker Thing.

They don’t say – men stay indoors, don’t go out alone, don’t frequent the dark places after dark, don’t put yourself about, a threat to these women who never did anything wrong at all.

So it’s easy. All it takes is the white hot complusion and the nerve. And when you’ve done one, it gets easier still. Do one, do them all. Cleaning the streets, our kid. Get all the women off the streets. Get them all of the streets, get them all out of our sight. Do them all.

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