1. My computer has just downloaded Internet Explorer 7 so I have some new little toys to play with. I think I like it!

2. Ariel’s vocabulary just keeps growing and growing. She can say practically everybody’s name, and she can say hard things like Chocolate Cake, Christmas Tree and Happy Birthday. I’m hoping to combine these last two into Happy Christmas over the next couple of weeks – and with a bit of luck she will also get the hang of “Happy Christmas Nana!” and “Happy Christmas Grandad!” in time for our Christmas trip to visit my parents.

3. Ariel draws me pictures all the time. At first, she could only draw Apples and Snap, snap, snaps (i.e. crocodiles). Now she can also draw Bananas, Giraffes, Pears and Oink, oinks. My art appreciation is going to need some work, because currently she has to tell me what she has drawn before I can quite work it out for myself. But I’m sure I will get better at this.

4. I’m really, really getting into the whole Christmas spirit thing. This is the most Christmassy, the earliest, that I’ve felt for years. We put all our decorations up at work today, and I have a Christmas party tomorrow (yes, the Big Babysitting Night!), and then we have all kinds of excitement thereafter.