1. My mouse – only about 6 weeks old – appears to have packed up. The left-click doesn’t work. How ridiculous is that?! The pointer moves about, the right click works, but the left click – nothing! I have had to resort to an old one I fished out of my box of junk and it is rubbish. Very jumpy and sticky. At least it works, but very very annoying.

2. I grated my fingers the other day. (Yes, on a cheese-grater.) The tips of the second and third fingers on my right hand, plus the first joint on the ring finger, STILL sting like billy-o. Any kind of typing, button-doing-up, shoelace-tying or other everyday fiddly activity is a right pain. Grump.

3. I had pizza for dinner and the onion wasn’t cooked enough, so now I have that slightly burning raw-onion sensation in my mouth, throat and stomach. Ugh.

4. I got comprehensively rained on coming home today. Also, the wind blew my bag clean out of the basket and onto the pavement. I banged my knee on the bike trying to dismount. While I was hopping around in agony, Ariel is on the back of the bike going mental: “Mummy, bag!!! Mummy!! Get bag!!! Mummeeeee!!! Baaaagggg!!!” and so on. Cue me trying to hold onto the bike so that it doesn’t fall over (and Ariel with it) whilst reaching out to try and pick up a bag lying on the wet ground about 5 feet away onthe other side of the pavement, meanwhile yelling through the screaming winds – “Alright, alright! I’m getting the damned bag! It’s my bag anyway! If I want to get it or not is none of your damned business!”


Feel better for a whinge. Might even post something constructive in a short while…