I’ve got a Christmas party to go to on Friday and I’m leaving Ariel with a friend who has agreed to play babysitter, and although this isn’t quite the first time ever it is the first time for a long time, and the first time this (childless!) person has babysat for her, and it does feel like the first time ever, and I’m getting a bit stressed about it…

  • Will she go to sleep on time so that I can leave and not be stupidly late?
  • Will she stay asleep until I get back?
  • How will she cope when she wakes up and calls for me and I am not there?
  • How will our friend cope if she gets upset?
  • Will I end up having to come dashing home, panicking because I can feel in my heart that she is in need of me and I am not there?
  • Or will our friend be good enough to take my place?
  • What if our friend is good enough to take my place – how will that make me feel?!
  • Am I better off not bothering with the stupid party which I probably won’t enjoy anyway because apart from anything else I’ll be thinking about Ariel at home “on her own”?
  • Can we do this? and
  • Is it worth it?

Deep breaths.