I guess that means it’s nearly Christmas?

Christmas round here starts in about September though and by the time you get to December you’re already feeling a bit fed up of it. Sometimes I really wish I could get out of Christmas. When all it is, is a commercialised, plastic junk-fest where you buy crap for people that they don’t want anyway, and fill up the rubbish dumps with Christmas cards for people you don’t talk to the rest of the year. Oh, how I hate all that stuff. And all, nominally, in memory of some dead guy who started a religion that has spread violence, oppression and patriarchy throughout the world.

What’s to celebrate?

But then I remember that there are nice bits. I got a card from Ariel’s paternal great-auntie and great-uncle. Nice to know they think of her. We booked our team Christmas lunch today at work, and it felt friendly. This afternoon, again at the office, a girly chat about what we were planning to wear to the Christmas party. Poinsettias. Family. Sparkly decorations. Food.

It rained a bit on the way home, but I pedalled so fast that the raimdrops couldn’t catch me. I slipped between them like a hummingbird, a thousand beats per second.

Bah, humbug.