Lucky vulva coinpurse (closed)Look what I made!

It’s a lucky vulva coinpurse, apparently, and I (more or less) followed the instructions here on “All about my vagina“.

Instead of the suggested ingredients, however, I used bits and bobs that I had lying about the house:

The base is made out of a scrap of dark brown suede leather I acquired somehow or other in Philadelphia.

The outsides of the labia majora are made from a light pink velour babygrow that was long ago babygrown. The insides are made with some purple checked stretchy material that used to be part of a swimming costume before I decided that two-piece costumes were much more practical now that tankinis have been invented. The whole labia majora is stuffed with, er, stuffing.

The labia minora, the hood, and the zip, are taken from an old pair of soft pink baby trousers. (Hint – the zip, being baby-sized, turned out to be too small for comfort when it came to turning the purse inside-out and back again during the finishing stages. I recommend a bigger zip!)

Lucky vulva coinpurse (open)The clitoris is represented by a tinkly silver bell.

The lining is made from an old hot pink linen dress that got a stain on it years ago but was such a fab colour I kept the rest of the material “just in case”.

Trouble is, because I made it mainly from such pale pink materials, I’m worried to actually use it because – never mind the look on people’s faces as I pay for my carrots and apples with money produced from a vulva – I don’t want it to get all grubby!

Perhaps I will need to start again and, this time, use something a bit more hardwearing and a bit less pale-pink.

Will have to rummage about in Ariel’s pile of too-small clothes to see if I can find something funky-looking and hard-wearing. I’m already eyeing up some heavyweight dark red denim and – just as soon as she gets a little bigger – there are some purple jeans in her drawer just waiting to be turned into a vulva…