Feel slightly sick again after catching up with some of the news.

Like this item, in which Indian Airlines has grounded a number of air hostesses (on unpaid suspension, pending weight loss) who are overweight. One woman was grounded for weeks because she was 500g (just over 1lb) “overweight”, and therefore not physically up to the job – fitness wise, of course. It’s a health issue, apparently. Because it’s way healthier for a woman to be suspended without pay while she starves herself back to employability than to let her continue working. Yeah, right.

Or this item (see also this earlier item which gives more background), in which the Netherlands cabinet has confirmed that it will push though a ban on the wearing of head and face coverings by Muslim women. This is of course a top priority matter given that there are estimated to be as many as fifty – fifty! count ’em! – women in the Netherlands who currently wear the veil.

Apparently, if these obviously passionately devout (and/or horribly oppressed, depending on how you like your stereotypes) women are banned from wearing this dangerous piece of cloth in public or semi-public places – streets, buses, schools – they will be encouraged to abandon their faith (and/or their husbands will abandon their oppression) in favour of greater integration with the native Dutch people. My bum. In their position I would be more likely just to stay locked (perhaps literally) in my house, wondering why the government hates me so much…

Oh, and in the meantime, because the government just can’t wait to get going on this ridiculous piece of racist misogyny – the police force of the Netherlands, this former beacon of tolerance, will be promoting national security by preventing the wearing of burkas on buses and advancing education and mutual understanding by blanket-banning the veil in schools.

Local readers: if I don’t make the baby-led weaning workshop tomorrow, you’ll know why!

PS Also, on the sickness front, I think it was no coincidence that I accidentally spelled “Muslim” as “Muslin” at my first attempt. Mothers will know what I mean!