I don’t normally blog about men. However, I’ve been thinking about them (generically, I mean) and I have come to some conclusions.

Firstly, there appear to me to be, broadly, three categories of men:

  1. Those who are actively misogynist i.e. positively hate women, or are so full of their own entitlement that they don’t even care whether women are human or not.
  2. Those who do not hate women, and indeed who generally wish to treat women with decency, but who have (usually unconscious) entrenched sexist views or attitudes that hinder them and thus they fail to treat women as human beings in one or more important respects.
  3. Those who are fully conscious of their sexism, battle against it, and endeavour to treat women as human beings, usually but not always succeeding.

Secondly, I believe that most men are in the second category. I know a few in category (1), but mercifully few. I am told that there are a few in category (3), although I don’t know one well enough to put one of my own male friends there. The vast majority of men, and every single one of the men I call friends, appear to me to be number 2s.

(Geddit? The pun was in fact unintended, but funny for a Friday, so I’ll let it pass…!)

(Perhaps I should mention group (4) The missing group – men who are not sexist at all. I don’t believe there are any men in this group! Certainly I have never come across one and I don’t believe it is possible for a man to be entirely non-sexist growing up in the patriarchy.)

So what do we do with them? What do we actually do?

If you call them on their sexism they just look at you as though you are a loony. If you turn a blind eye, then nothing changes and the world keeps turning.

So what do we actually do?