My computer died last night! It was awful. There I was, pressing the “on” switch… and NOTHING was happening. Eek!

Fortunately I am in funds at the moment so with a bit of oragnising I was able to go out and finally get the new hard drive I’ve been promising myself for about a year. I have therefore spent most of the last two hours alternately setting it all up and yelling at Ariel to GET BACK TO BED AND STAY THERE! (She finally did STAY THERE as from about 30 minutes ago.)

I do still have to get the data off my old hard drive so I’m hoping it’s just a power problem (which is what it looks like from what little technical know-how I have) and that the thing where the precious family photos and such-like are kept is undamaged and retrievable. Fingers crossed. Will be backing up regularly in future!

(I also picked up my new car today. Somewhat to my surprise, I can still drive without difficulty and was able to work all the controls – even the windscreen wipers which I definitely needed. With the rainy weather we are having right now, it may be that the PlanetPig will soon be fat.)