Tomorrow is One Day In History

“History Matters” are organising a kind of mass blog in which they have invited everybody to talk about their day. The results will be stored as a historical record of the day, of what life means to all those who participate. It will be a kind of 21st century Domesday Book.

Make sure you’re in it. Women in particular get left out of history enough as it is. Ordinary people hardly ever make the history books. If you are an ordinary woman, here is your chance to be a part of history. And to make sure that, at least this once, we don’t get ignored…

From the FAQ:

  • The diaries will be available to historians and researchers of the future via the British Library’s Web Archive in Modern British Collections. They will also be publicly available via the History Matters website and at the British Library.
  • The diary day is open to anyone who would like to contribute. This includes UK citizens or people with ties to the UK living outside the country at the moment.
  • For most people, October 17 will be an ordinary day, filled with familiar tasks, surrounded by common sights and objects, and interspersed with encounters with familiar faces. In fact, an early 21st century day much like any other. You are, however, encouraged to include in your diary-blog something about how history impacted on you that day – whether it be simply travelling past an historic landmark, discussing family history at home, watching another repeat of Only Fools and Horses, or listening to Dad’s 60’s music, again! It could be anything.
  • You can write as few words as you like but we cannot accept submissions over 650 words.
  • Do I have to file my blog-diary on 17 October? No, any time before 1 November will do.

This is a really exciting opportunity to make women’s lives, and their contribution to society visible, now and for future generations. Who knows, the qualitative information provided by these diary-blogs might give the powers that be the opportunity for real insight into real women’s lives, and that can’t be a bad thing.

Pass it on. Tell your women friends. And remember to write in yourself!

[Passed on to me via UK Feminist Action]