We all know now about the Pope thing. It’s even made Wikipedia.

Now a philosophy professor in France has gone into hiding due to death threats received by him, directed at himself and his family, because of an article he wrote linking Islam to violence and comparing Mohammed unfavourably to Christ.

It seems clear what we should conclude: one sure way to provoke Islamic violence, or threats of violence, is to make “unjust” accusations about how violent a religion Islam appears to be.

Which is all total madness, since the measured responses of sensible Muslims carry far more weight, to me at least, than the self-righteous shrieking of absurdly easy-to-offend fundamentalists. Funny how they can be offended at the words of a stranger, but not at the thought of lopping off his head, and the heads of his innocent children.

Sometimes, I really hate people, and the stupidities to which they can sink.