Another slightly random post today. It’s getting to be a habit.

This time, I want to remark that I have just spent a fortune on the Internet buying nice things for my baby, and I feel fab… that holiday feeling of buying new nappies!

We’ve got coming to us – a green fuzzi and a periwinkle swaddlebee; a merino wool blanket for Baby M to sleep on now that we’ve given up night nappies; some new nappy nippas (the only thing I truly needed); and some new cloth wipes (something of an extravaance to buy them, but the ones I made by cutting up an old cotton sheet are all frayed at the ages, shrinking and woefully inadequate in number now that I spend my life cleaning up wee but using up fewer nappies and therefore washing less frequently).

Oh, and a couple of little wooden peg-jigsaws now that she is just about clever enough to use them. They were practically free, too, as they were the top-up items I needed to get free postage and packing… 🙂

Mmm. This isn’t a good trend, this shopping frenzy.

Yesterday I bought Baby M some new clothes and some new shoes (which, in fairness, she needed) and at lunchtime today a little bag of plastic farm animals (a bargain at £1-odd for 10 animals). The fact that the Stuff isn’t really for me is no excuse is it?! No, not really. Thought not.
Must. Try. To. Curb. Acquisitive. Urges.