I’m feeling slightly less pathetic today. 🙂

This morning, I showed the offending bottom to the doctor who pretty much agreed with me that it was just normal nappy rash, and nothing much to worry about. The fact that she is well in herself and not complaining much (except at nursery, that is) shows it can’t really be an infection, just a few sore bits of skin that aren’t healing because they spend a lot of their time hanging about in nappies. The only real cure is potty training!

Nevertheless, he helpfully prescribed some mostly harmless ointment to give to nursery (a moisturising barrier cream) which will hopefully keep them happy.

Next, I got a pack of disposable nappies – also for the purpose of keeping nursery happy, as I don’t believe for one moment that this will make any difference. I can’t find the link right now but despite what nappy manufacturers tell you and many people believe, the only independently conducted study comparing the incidence of nappy rash between cloth nappy users and dispoable nappy users showed that it made very little or no difference. For safety, though, and to salve the eco-warrior within, I bought the relatively chemical-free, less environmentally damaging version (Moltex), which to boot have alleged protective ingredients to help cure and/or prevent rashing. We’ll see.

[An aside – disposable nappies are stupidly expensive! OK, so Moltex are more expensive than most, but at over £11 for 38 nappies, enough for a week at most, how do people afford to put their babies in disposables full time? Especially if they are buying formula milk as well. Amazing!]

Finally, I happily bumped into my health visitor after baby club today and had a chat with her. She agreed that nursery are blatantly over-reacting and suggested a couple of things that they might be doing that might be making it worse e.g. using alcohol-containing baby wipes on her poor sore bum. So I will go on the offensive tomorrow morning… hehehe (evil chuckle).

Feeling much more in control of things, now that I have got a plan, and put the whole situation into perspective. Yay!