Some guy has a blog. And an idea.

Ten things I would put in Room 101

1. Sexism.
2. Worldwide corporations.
3. All the people who stand in the way of a ban on the marketing of breastmilk substitutes.
4. Internet trolls.
5. Bob Dylan.
6. People who drive a 4×4 in town.
7. Organised religion.
8. Factory farms.
9. Anybody who is or wants to be in charge of anybody else (let alone anybody who is or wants to be in charge of a whole country-full of people).
10. Liars.

Ten things I would put in Room Fluffy

1. Baby M (and all my family, but mainly Baby M).
2. The Big Green Gathering.
3. Breastfeeding support groups.
4. Good, dark chocolate.
5. The internet.
6. Solar power.
7. Women.
8. The smell of lavendar on a warm, sunny day.
9. City farms, and allotments.
10. Cats. They’re just sooooo snooty and cool.

Please note: none of the above items are in any way ordered. They are just in the order that I thought of them, with no ranking intended. OK?

If anyone I know wants to shamelessly pinch this idea, like I did, then post me a link so I can go and be nosey about what you put in your Room 101 / Room Fluffy!