I discovered today that the Halfords mechanic who fixed Baby M’s child seat to my bike did a pretty shoddy job.

I had been mildly alarmed by the wobbliness of the seat, but trusted to British Standards, and to the fact that Baby M seemed reasonably happy whilst actually in the seat, and just assumed it was OK. However, today I was in for a rude shock.

For one thing, after less than three weeks of fairly gentle use, the fixings had already worked dangerously loose so that the seat literally swung from side to side as Baby M shifted her weight on the way home from work today. I thought she was just being particularly fidgety and moany, but a passing stranger stopped me to point out that actually the poor little girl had a point. Yikes.

For another, after we got home and whilst I straightened up the seat and tightened the fixings, I noticed that the seat itself was not properly clipped onto the frame. No wonder it managed to wobble about so much that the nuts worked loose!

After getting over my initial horror – complete with visions of Baby M tumbling off the bike into the path of an oncoming vehicle – I thanked my lucky stars that I’d managed to identify the problem before anything bad had happened and got on with fixing it. A few minutes of nifty work with an adjustable spanner, and everything is now lovely and safe. So much sturdier than before.

I still haven’t quite got over my anger at Halfords for needlessly endangering my precious girl with their shoddy, lazy, careless workmanship.

But I am at least a little bit smug at how easily I managed to fix it.

Better still, Baby M is clearly a born mechanic (not a ballerina) herself for she was applying alan keys to pedals and spanners to wheel-spokes with the decided air of someone who Knows What She Is Doing.