Well, a couple of weeks on, and this cycling thing (see here and here) is getting easier.

The new arrangement with a baby chair at the back for Baby M and a basket at the front for nappy bags and other paraphernalia* make life much easier and my legs are getting a bit stronger too, I think.

[*Aside. I looked this up in the dictionary to check I had spelled it right. Did you know that “paraphernalia” literally means (from the Greek para beyond + pherne dowry, via medieval Latin) “a married woman’s personal property excluding her dowry”? Cripes.]

I got seriously wet in the downpour yesterday morning and, rather than having to lug changes of clothes around on wet days, someone has recommended that I look at getting some waterproof overtrousers, so that is my mission for the weekend. Also, having bravely decided this morning to cycle in long trousers – rather than in shorts and change when I get there – I think I might also need to look into the possibility of cycle clips. (Forget turning into my mum. I think I’m turning into my Dad!)

But, yes, it’s going better. And Baby M looks seriously cute in her Winnie-the-Pooh cycle helmet!