No blogging for the last couple of days because this cycling lark is exhausting. And it makes your bum ache. Legs, I expected to ache. Bum? Nobody told me!

(I guess I’m also catching up from the staying-up-all-night thing on Tuesday and making up for the pint of blood I lost to the bloodmobile vampires on Thursday too. Eek.)

Still, today I’ve got a proper baby seat so I can take Baby M to and from nursery ON the bike, instead of carrying her and pushing the bike whilst balancing her nappy bag somewhere in between. This will be a big step forward, and make things much easier. I also have a basket on the front of my bike now, so less weight to carry all round. Yay!

Apart from how shattered I have been though (which is a temporary thing, I know), it is good.

I feel good that I’m using my body for stuff. I feel good that I turn up to work all hot and that I saunter through reception in shorts and a T-shirt. I love the double take I got yesterday from Mr IT Guy, surprised to see me so deshabille. I feel healthsome and virtuous, and at one with all my muscley bits. Especially the muscley bits in my legs. And my bum!