Today is apparently the happiest day of the year.

Scientifially proven and everything. Something about it being midsummer, the expectation of long months of good weather to look forward to, the summer holiday season getting closer, the grey old rain finally packing up for a bit. All that stuff, I guess. A day for being cheerful and hopeful and carefree.

I was happy today. Just walking into town, thinking about nothing in particular, I realised that I’m really, really happy. My life is going better than it has done for a long time, and – even with the car problems, maybe partly because of them – it has been a great week.

For example, yesterday, chatting to Baby M on the way home from nursery, we were doing what-animals-make-what-noises. We had just done Cat, as she’d seen one, and took great delight in copying my Meow impressions, and then Cow, which was her idea – she signed for it. Then I asked her “Do you know what sound a pig makes?” and straight away she started signing Pig and snorting in a very piggy way. Aint she the best?

And the whole solstice experience was just fantastic. I didn’t really know quite what to expect of it, and I’m still not sure how sitting in a field all night, getting rained on, in a great big crowd of people could possibly be any fun. But it was amazing. The stones, the drumming, the singing, the colour and vibrancy of the people, the sunrise, the excitement, the cameraderie… it was an atmosphere the like of which I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before. I loved it!

I digress.

I was about to say that this time last year was also a big step up for me in happiness terms. I couldn’t tell you the exact date, but it was pretty near – definitely mid to late June – when I really started to pull myself out of the Slough of Despond.

Maybe there is something in this theory after all?