I had a hankering when pregnant to try yoga (beats cravings for marmite icecream), and on and off ever since I’ve occasionally felt the urge to give it a try, if only, well… to cut a long story short – I never got past the hankering part.

So the other day I was in The Works looking at board books and musical instruments* when I spied an extremely cheap book/DVD beginners’ guide to simple yoga. Thinking that this might be a good way to get a nice, easy yoga taster, I decided to get it and see.

* Baby M profited to the tune of some sleigh bells and a double wooden agogo. She pretty much ignores the bells but likes dancing to my agogo playing and keeps bringing the thing over to me with a big grin on her face!

This afternoon while my small interferer was having a nap, I gave it a go. I loved it!

I did struggle with some of the postures, and I did almost fall over a couple of times (!) but nobody was watching so I didn’t mind that… and after the whole thing was over I felt totally relaxed, stretched and focussed. I still do.

I feel like a goddess. 🙂

Not sure whether or how I will have the opportunity to do this daily, but by golly I reckon it would do me good if I did. Perhaps I’ll settle for doing it twice a week – once over the weekend and once on Wednesdays, my day off. Shall we make that a public commitment? Yes. Let’s.