My own little Kylie’s doing the Locomotion… at least, she’s trying.

Over the last few weeks she has gone from taking a couple of steps at a time very tentatively and leaning heavily on both of my hands all the way to waddling fairly cheerfully, still holding both of my hands but just for balance. She’s walking now holding just one hand. She does hold on for dear life, bless her, but it is great progress nonetheless.

I strongly suspect that all this thuggery business is a side effect of her developmental leap, as well. (Phew, no baby straitjackets required just yet.) Partly there is a natural irritability that comes whenever she is cooking up something clever. And partly, I imagine, she is feeling a bit of general frustration at not being able to do it.

When another baby whose toy she is after just picks it up and walks away, of course she is going to get annoyed and grab the baby (“Oi, come back here with that!”) if she can’t chase after her. And it will feel even worse right now, when she is so close to getting it herself – it will feel like a snub, like rubbing her nose in her own inability to do it yet.

So I plan to spend lots of time this weekend giving her the opportunity to practice her walking, with the hope that once she has mastered it the frustration will subside for a while and I can stop calling the poor girl Kylie.