A couple of weeks ago, I wrote here about the “problem” of a falling birth rate in Russia.

Today, I was listening to a radio discussion of this issue and of how the same issue is affecting many other industrialised countries.

The problem seems to be that once women are permitted to work outside the home, once they are allowed some economic power and even a limited freedom to make some of their own choices, some of them are choosing NOT to have children.

Why would they, when motherhood is unpaid and unvalued? Why would they, when they would be expected to take on the work of mothering in addition to their economic activities, with little or no practical help from the father – or, indeed from anyone else? Why would they, when “I’m a full-time mother” means “I don’t work, I sponge off my husband / partner / family / taxpayers, I have no status of my own”?

Yet governments everywhere are scratching their heads, it seems, just at a loss to understand what they can do to encourage women to have more babies.

Well, duh. We need a revolution – change the world into a matriarchy and people will be just queuing up for motherhood. Sign us up for seven kids! But that woudn’t suit those who currently stand to benefit from patriarchy, would it? Fancy them promoting motherhood as genuinely important and valuable? Think of it: treating women and mothers as superior because of their ability to create life – rather than inferior, on a level with domesticated animals, about equivalent to a cow. Fancy that? It’s not going to happen, not without a revolution. The people who could make it happen are not women and will never abdicte their power and importance in favour of women.

Next question – does it matter that birth rates are dropping?

The world is overflowing with people. Some countries may struggle with a low birth rate, but others are threatened by population explosion. So, in this radio show, the question was very sensibly put: if your birth rates are plummeting and you need new workers to support your ageing population – why not import them by relaxing immigration restrictions?

The speaker from Russia:

We have seen how countries in Europe with liberal immigration laws end up with increasing xenophobia, nationalist parties on the rise and terrible racist crime. The same would happen in Russia if we liberalised the immigration laws here. It is a very difficult problem, we don’t want all that xenophobia to come to Russia.

The speaker from Japan:

If people want to come to Japan, they must learn Japanese as we do not do things in English, not in other languages than Japanese. So even if we liberalised the immigration rules, new workers would not be able to come because they do not speak Japanese. We are trying to get immigrant workers to help care for elderly people, but we want single workers, not families, so that won’t solve the problem with low birth rates anyway.

Says it all really. We’ll be stopping foreigners from coming here, but it’s not because we’re xenophobic – it’s because we want to prevent xenophobia. And, much as we wish we could solve this problem by encouraging new immigrants, we just can’t see how it could work. I mean, Japanese babies grow up Japanese don’t they? But immigrants don’t. It just wouldn’t work.

No wonder they need to step up production from native wombs. The foreigners are just not good enough.

Ugh. Why are people so STUPID?