… I just received the e-mail below, and it seemed timely.

Dear Friend,

I’m forwarding you this email as I’ve just added my name to an important Petition and I think that you might like to add your name too.

We are petitioning Tony Blair to find the money and infrastructure so that England acts in accordance with the International Declarations it has signed up to and to ask him to put in place:
i) A National Breastfeeding Strategy
ii) A National Infant feeding Coordinator with appropriate budget, power and team to initiate and sustain change.

It is very simple to add your name to the Petition. Simply click through to www.expressyourselfmums.co.uk and you’ll be taken through to the Petition.

Women are being let down – it doesn’t need to be like this.

The last national survey found that 9 out of 10 women who had stopped breastfeeding by 6 weeks wanted to have breastfed their babies for longer. That means that every year 10,000’s of women across England are being failed by the system, many of them are left feeling angry, guilty, sad and let down. If these women had been given up-to-date and consistent information from healthcare professionals along with good support in the community the VAST majority of them could have continued to breastfeed their babies.

We can make a difference.

In Norway, in less than 25 years the percentage of four month old babies being breastfed went from less than 30% to more than 80%. Together we can be the catalyst to help the same kind of change happen here in the United Kingdom.

So why don’t you do what I just did, and go through to www.expressyourselfmums.co.uk and sign the petition!

The petition is aiming to collect 10,000 “signatures”. I was signatory number 3629. What number will you be?