On my post earlier today.

Firstly, the whole make-women-feel-guilty mindset is a symptom of the patriarchy. The idea that one should make a special effort NOT to make women feel guilty about formula shows just how far we are invested in the idea that, as a general rule, women should feel guilty. It shows how easily women are expected to accept the burden of guilt, blame, shame and failure. It highlights, by standing as a supposed exception, the fact that guilt and blame are acceptable weapons to control women’s decisions in most situations.

It’s just in the case of formula use that we talk about taking a blame-free approach. Funny that. Claims that we should not make women feel guilty do not reflect any special reason for being sensitive to their real dilemmas and motivations in this particular area. It is just a cover-up for the real reasons why our culture is so unsupportive of breastfeeding. The real reasons are to do with formula company profits and health professionals’ failures.

There is also, I suspect, an attitude that breastfeeding – as something which is exclusively the province of women – can’t be all that valuable. In patriarchy it is hard to truly accept that Man-made formula cannot come anywhere close to Woman-made breastmilk. That is one key reason why it is so easy to make people believe that formula feeding is more or less equivalent to breastfeeding.