Every day, I think to myself at some point “What shall I blog about today?” And I then find something new and disturbing about which to feel outrage. I hear it on the news, I see it while idly surfing the internet, or reading other blogs, I spot it in normal daily life around me.

Yesterday I worked myself up into a lather about Fathers 4 Justice, a small group of politically very active men denied access to their children who, by publicity stunts and astute misrepresentations, have managed to make the world believe that it is their former partners who are to blame – for being spiteful and vindictive, for ignoring court orders, for perpetrating a foul injustice on their children for the purpose of taking (unjustified) revenge against the (innocent) absent father. It is all lies, and manipulation.

It smacks of those who suggest that complainants in rape cases often make up their allegations out of spite or for revenge. It smacks of those who suggest that children alleging abuse against an absent father are only doing so because their mother has poisoned their mind and introduced these ideas by some subtle but powerful suggestion. And it is a hideous lie that people all too easily believe.

The day before I was getting irate about Vladimir Putin’s cunning new plan to solve the nation’s population “crisis”. Forget saving existing lives, let’s just get the womenfolk to make more! The people already born are not valued enough to be looked after properly but, instead of addressing that problem, let’s just look to women to up their birth rates in compensation.

So to today.

I fancied a break from feminist outrage. Perhaps a nice post about mummy-and-baby stuff for a change. But instead I found myself looking at pornography: the real stuff this time – the filth that ought to be banned.

Yet this pornography is not only allowed, it is totally unregulated. It is available to be bought by children, or to be viewed by them in ordinary shops. It isn’t even wrapped, and it isn’t even kept on the top shelf.

Why? Because these purveyors of porn dress up their wares as a “newspaper”, or a “lads’ mag”, which apparently means it is OK for people like me to be confronted in daily life by horrendous and degrading images of objectified women.

If you really want a treat, try looking at the Daily Sport’s website – and no I’m definitley NOT going to post a link here. Click on the “News” section and see what important stories are being “reported” today. It is vile. Literally, vile.

I mean, I knew the Sport wasn’t exactly the Beano, but I had no idea how foul it truly is. There is no question but that it is pornographic: you can download sex videos, you can get footage of oral sex downloaded to your phone. It’s despicable.

So much for my outrage-free day.

It just goes to show: once you open your eyes, it’s everywhere. Misogyny, sexism, the lot. Everywhere. I wonder if I should have kept them shut.