It isn’t a statement of feminist principle, honest.

I’ve been not-wearing-cosmetics for about 99% of my (mumble, mumble) years. Apart from brief, amateurish attempts during the awkward teenage period, there have only been very occasional, very minimalist efforts since. And although I seem to be developing serious feminist tendencies now that I have a blog for ranting space, I never was much of one (not consciously) before.

The very simple reason why I have never been into make-up and perfume is that I could never be bothered. I couldn’t see the point. It seems like a lot of effort – not to mention expense. And I don’t see any benefit whatsoever. So why do it? What’s the point? I genuinely never got it.

Of course I do know really why people use the stuff.

They need to cover up defects, hide natural smells and make themselves more like those women with flawless skin and gorgeous eyes and fragrant wafting delights, and, and, and… you know, those mythical, non-existent ideals of womanhood that some other people (i.e. men) made up to make the real ones feel bad.

It’s like that sick old joke:

Q: Why do women wear perfume and make-up?
A: Because they’re ugly and they smell.

Guess who made up that joke? I’ll give you a clue. It wasn’t me.

Go on, be daring. Let the world see the “blemishes”, the skin texture, the real lovely underneath person. You don’t need to be ashamed of what you look like under that foundation, and concealer, and face powder and mascara and those umpteen other chemical products on your face.

Ha. Here endeth the second lesson.