For those of you who have been thinking: “Hey, now all she talks about is babies and tents” – Fear not. I’m working on some other stuff.

The library is taking forever to get me BRP book number 196, so I’ve decided to skip it for now and blog it later, out of order. Here’s number 195 instead.

My baby is cooking up signs for all she is worth – and I can’t take my eyes off that. Today she has clearly mastered the use of signs to ask for something to eat – wonderful. She has also mastered, this weekend, another trick – when she asks for milk and I ask her which boob she wants she will poke one of them to express a preference. How cute is that?!

Meanwhile, in relation to the experimental ban on evening milk:

Evening 1 = 1 waking
Evenings 2 to 4 inclusive = no waking
Evening 5 = 5 wakings (!)
Evening 6 = 1 waking
Evening 7 = no waking

I think I can call the experiment a success, apart from Thursday evening which was unusually disturbed even by pre-experimental standards (and Friday night, which was very disturbed but mainly after my bed time – not sure if that is better or worse!)

I think the disturbances were due to a very busy week and, notably, an unusually exciting Wednesday. Usually Wednesday is less stressful / exhausting / fun, and so it is a welcome time out from the nursery week. Last week we had lots of fun and were out most of the day, so there just wasn’t enough “down-time”. This is Clare’s theory that – I paraphrase – excessive fun is just too exhausting and stressful for little people. I’m convinced she’s right.

I’ve been doing the tent-learning thing, and indeed the tent-buying thing, and working out what other kit I will need to accumulate in the next few weeks. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, apart from the obvious tent, I won’t need to get very much, as I already have fair bit of outdoorsy type equipment. Yay!

Now, where was I?