I think I’ve been talked into going to the Big Green Gathering.

This is both exciting and daunting. I’ve never been to a festival before (yep, never – I haven’t lived) and the whole thing will involve camping, which I haven’t done since I was a kid. I don’t know how to camp – my parents did all the technical stuff when we were children – and I don’t have any kit. Help!

This is all good, though, as at some point my daughter and I will be going camping – it should be compulsory for children and when I rule the world it will be. So, given that we have to start somewhere, this does look like the perfect place for us to get going.

I’ve spent some time today looking at tents.

Look at this little darling! As a person with no clue about what makes a good tent, however, I am quite keen not to buy one just cos it looks cute…