Need I say more?

It is a world dominated by men, where the women are all either pictured naked on calendars or else they are gullible, uninformed, disempowered punters.

Ah, now, madam, you see the thing is, you’ve got a pitted driver’s side rear ventricle there, and it’s beyond adjustment so it needs replacing. Also, your coolant rod needs re-nisteration, I’m afraid, and your dwarf belt is wearing unevenly too. Now thats not a cheap job, and it won’t fail the MOT if you don’t have it done, but I really think you should consider it because otherwise the bolted disks could break through and destabilise your croppitts and then you’d really be in trouble. And I recommend that you have the tripolite braced before it causes any further damage to your dipping shaft. Did I mention that the gastric flue is juddering? That’ll be £800 please.

Since the only bit I understood was the last bit, what could I do but shrug helplessly and hand over the dosh? God forbid that my croppits should become destabilised.

Car mechanics are like doctors because…

… when they tell you what work needs doing you have absolutely no idea, even if you understand what they are saying, whether they are telling you the truth or not.

…. they cause you pain and you are supposed to be grateful for it, because they assure you that it would have got OH SO MUCH WORSE if they hadn’t fixed your problems for you.

… they are the patriarchy!