Oh, dear. Getting stressed and turning into shouty mum tonight – the usual consequence of trying to do too many things at the same time – has left me in a state of humility.

The little darling forgave me as soon as I said sorry and gave her a hug and said “Yes, OK, let’s play wroo wroo” (Row, Row, Row the Boat – which she loves and constantly wants to play even when I am trying to call the bank and pay the gas bill and look for the car’s MOT certificate and cook dinner all at once…)

But it’s harder to forgive myself so that – even as she drifted dreamily off at bed time, nestled against me and clearly perfectly content – I was tensely cursing my bad temper and stupidity instead of glowing in the pleasure of her little sleepy caresses. Grump.

Of course, if I’d decided to leave calling the bank and paying the gas bill until after bed time, if I’d been more sensitive to her (obvious) need for some post-nursery mummy time, if I’d been more organised when it came to the Last Straw Poo Incident… Well, perhaps next time, I will have learned my lesson.

It took a whole hour of de-cluttering to make me feel better!

Update on the milk experiment: no wakings tonight…