My efforts at night weaning over the last few months were abandoned some while ago for a combination of reasons – mainly because it became clear that we just weren’t ready for it, however much I might have thought I needed it.

However, one thing I learned from the whole experience was that what I really want isn’t night weaning so much as evening weaning. What is really valuable to me is not uninterrupted sleep but an uninterrupted evening.

We have recently been through a patch of waking and crying out on an hourly basis (or worse) and, although that seems to be more or less behind us now, it has really shown me the value of having two or three or more hours during the evening to do my own thing.

So, experimentally, we are trying out a new rule, for the next seven nights: which is that there is no milk allowed between baby’s bedtime and mummy’s bedtime. As much in the way of snuggle-pie as may be needed, but absolutely no milk… I am hoping that, by this method – stepped up next week if this week goes well – we will eventually get to a point where waking up and crying for mummy before mummy has come to bed is a thing of the past.

Night 1 has gone pretty well – so far, one waking and no milk needed. I’ll keep you posted. UPDATE: 3 wakings and no milk needed!