There’s an article in the New York Times about El Salvador.

It describes how women there are living under a total abortion ban. No exceptions. Not even for ectopic pregnancies. Not even when the mother’s life is seriously endangered and the foetus has no chance of survival. Not even then. Got to protect the innocent, innit?

This article describes how the population are dealing with that situation. It describes how men are able to disclaim responsibility for the illegitimate children they spawn, while women are compelled to carry the pregnancy to term. It describes how rich women can hop on a plane and get it done somewhere else, while poor women just manage as best they can. It describes how women horribly damaged by dangerous illegal abortions – yes, we’re talking dirty coathangers – are reported to the authorities if they seek treatment at a hospital. It describes how forensic investigators carry out compulsory “scene of the crime” examinations of a woman’s vagina and uterus if she is suspected of having had an abortion. It describes how, in one case, a woman was sent to prison for a minimum term of 30 years, leaving her three other young children to live in poverty without her. Got to protect the innocent. Innit.

Anyone else feel sickened?