… in sunny Spain, where the internet just cannot compete with idling about on the terrace drinking fruity things and admiring the blueness of the sky.

My little one picked up some signs (Duck, Bunny, Cat, All Gone, Sea, each done in her own unique way) and a dose of bronquitis. I picked up a barely visible sun tan and the knowledge that doctors’ receptionists in Spain are just as unhelpful as doctors’ receptionists in England.

All the terries are a zillion times whiter, the new nappies (lime green, bright orange and hot pink Fuzzis plus a butter yellow Swaddlebee) looked fab, el bebe plucked up the courage to paddle in both the pool and the sea without crying – she especially enjoyed being carried as I waded out to sea and jumped over waves – and we have each eaten our own bodyweight in strawberries.

Oh, and I have some books to blog…