Lately I find my thoughts turning more and more to sunshine. I think I am craving the stuff, after what seems like a long and gloomy winter.

We both badly need the medicinal effects of warm, balmy air to our skin, to dry out the winter damp and clear up all manner of little ailments. Come to that, the nappies could do with it too – oh, to see them hanging on the line, a row of little bright white squares, reflecting the bright white sunlight.

I got my first proper taste of spring today, walking outside in the bright, warm sun – not shivering in a bitter wind or having to shield my eyes from the low angle of the cold winter sun. Just pure, warm, pleasurable sunlight. Lovely.

Roll on the holidays. Roll on a Spanish roof terrace with a washing line and a tiled floor too hot to walk on. Roll on grandparents, and swimming pools and gentle snoozes, book in hand, under the warm shade of a fringed parasol.