Body Shop fans – it is time to mourn.

The company is being sold out to L’Oreal.

Not only does L’Oreal support animal testing, something against which The Body Shop has in the past been proud to stand, but it is also part-owned by babykillers Nestle.

According to The Body Shop’s website:

“The Body Shop believes that, as part of a global community, it is the responsibility of every individual to actively support those who have such human rights denied them. Whether it’s signing a petition, using our purchase power to boycott a company, or lobbying governments, we all have the power to effect change. If enough individuals demand change – big business and governments will have to listen.”

Take them at the word. Even if you are not already part of the Nestle Boycott, you can still boycott The Body Shop. If you feel strongly enough, e-mail The Body Shop at to tell them how you feel.

I don’t think the loss of my occasional business will bring the company down (at least not by myself!) but nor do I think it much of a hardship to defect entirely to Lush.