A few years ago the BBC ran a “big read” to try and find out the nation’s favourite fiction books. By some probably dubious method involving 140,000 votes being cast over a two-week period in 2003 followed by a televised “final” with TV voting, the BBC came up with a list of our 200 favourite books.

Somebody or other gave me the Big Read Book of Books for Christmas that year, and I decided that it would be a good idea to read all the books on the list.


Well, getting pregnant and having a baby interfered with the plan and I confess that I didn’t even start… but now seems like a good time to dust it off and get it going properly. This blog, and this public commitment, is going to be my incentive to keep going!

So, here are the rules:

# Each book, once read, will get blogged.
# I’m going to do the books in order, from #200 up to #1
# I’m not going to buy any books if I can help it – many I already have, others I will get from the library or borrow from friends… Let’s see how few I can buy, eh?
# I’m going to be finished by the end of 2010.

2010 sounds like a long way off – but it still means blogging 40 books a year, with two months gone already! Some of the books I’ve already read, and others are picture books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar… but even if I only have to read about two-thirds of them I’m still aiming for about one a fortnight. Challenging enough, I reckon.

Wish me luck…