David Kidney MP sought an amendment to the Health Bill currently before the UK Parliament which would make it an offence for any person to stop or prevent a mother from breast-feeding her child in a public place.

The Health Bill has had its Third Reading yesterday. The amendment was not included.

David Kidney had this to say in Parliament:

“I want to mention my disappointment about the process in this place. Through a spark of ingenuity, I persuaded House officials to accept that amendments about breast feeding came within the Bill’s remit. By a stroke of good fortune, the Committee Chairman selected them for debate. Alas, I was struck down by the timetable that was imposed on our deliberations in Committee. My new clauses on breast feeding probably constituted the one issue of substance that was never considered in Committee. The Speaker did not select them for debate today. They will not be considered in the context of the Bill in the House of Commons, but I believe that they raised important issues of public health and discrimination, which must be left for another day.

“I do not know whether the same spark of ingenuity can strike twice and enable me to find another way to raise those important matters in the near future, but I look forward to the guidance on breast feeding from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence later this year because we have a poor record in this country— “

(At this point Mr Kidney was interrupted by the Speaker and asked to restrict his comments to the Third Reading itself.)